"He treats us like family."

More often than anything else, that's what you hear about Rusty Johnston, owner and operator of Rusty's Pest Control. Where did he get this reputation? Well, for starters, Rusty has been in the pest control business for more than 20 years, 10 of which were with his current company. Rusty has been driving unwanted tiny visitors away from homes for two decades in the Florida panhandle, so he has had the pleasure of meeting a lot of good people and getting rid of and preventing invasions of termites, roaches, ants, bed bugs, fleas, spiders and a variety of other intruders — even some furry ones. Rusty's Pest Control has more than 1000 established customers in northwest Florida. Over the years, Rusty has not only treated the homes and businesses of a huge number of customers, but he has gone on to serve the children of those customers once they have grown and moved on to their own homes. Indeed, Rusty's customers are like family to him, too. That means doing a professional and effective job, standing by his work, and offering reasonable prices and options for different budgets.

Rusty Johnston is a Certified Pest Control Operator and a member of the Florida Pest Management Association.



Rusty's Pest Control • 105 Beach Drive, Unit A-1 • Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547 • FWB: 850-864-BUGS (2847) • Crestview: 850-683-5313