At Rusty's Pest Control, we provide a wide range of services to ensure that your pest control needs are met fully. Our different contract structures provide you with options to suit your convenience and budget needs. You can rest assured that you will get only the best service. After all, it's what Rusty is known for. And whatever your pest may be, we're ready. For more info about many of the common troublemakers Rusty targets, visit the Know Your Pest page.

Here are some of the service options Rusty's Pest Control offers:

Interior Pest Control and General Residential / Commercial Pest Control
Most of our customers have their homes and businesses treated regularly, on a quarterly basis, every 3 months. If there is a problem during those 90 days Rusty will come back out at no further cost to the customer. While most are signed up for quarterly service, we will do it as little or as often as the customer desires. Every month, once a year. For this type of service there is no contract, no obligation. You need us, we come. It's as simple as that. And when a service is due again, we will call you and get it scheduled. There's nothing for you to remember.

For every house or business built, a full termite treatment must be completed before the building goes up. The soil is treated to prevent termite infestation in the new structure. It's necessary, it's required by law, and we can do it for you.

Termite Warranty
A termite warranty is designed to ensure that you don't find yourself covering the devastating costs of termite damage. When termites damage your home, your homeowners insurance will not cover the high costs of repair. But with a termite warranty, termite damage is insured. And Rusty's Pest Control will keep your home treated and inspected, taking every step to prevent termites from ever taking over. Termite warranties for up to $350,000 are available.

Termite Inspection for Resale and Refinance
When selling or refinancing your home, a termite inspection is mandatory, with good reason. No one wants to unwittingly buy a home with massive structural damage. When the times comes for the inspection, Rusty's Pest Control will provide a professional inspection for a fair price.You will have the peace of mind that a trustworthy inspections brings — and so will your buyer or lender.

Lawn and Ornamental Control
Rusty's is also proud to provide yard service to our customers. Weed control, fungus control, fertilizer, and of course pest control. This service can be all inclusive or specialized (just pest control for instance) and is done on either a quarterly or yearly basis. As always, any necessary resprays are done at no further cost to the customer.



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