Destin, FL
Looks like that fly is taken care of.
No more of that annoying little whiny buzz or the random tickle on your ear or nose. Unfortunately, that nuisance of a housefly has nothing on the vile filth of the cockroach, the agonizing sting of the fire ant, or the sheer destructive power of the termite.
And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
Pests of all sorts invade our homes, our places of business, and pretty much any other space they can creep into. Far too often, those pests become a menace. At best, they rob you of your sense of well-being, ever present unwanted guests nibbling at your food and rummaging around the house at all hours. At worst, they are a threat to your property and your health.

So stop the invasion. Rusty Johnston is a trusted name in pest control, and Rusty's Pest Control has dutifully built that trust over a decade of professional service to the great people of Northwest Florida. That reputation follows him from Ft. Walton Beach to Destin and Crestview, Milton and Pace to Pensacola, and Navarre to Gulf Breeze.

Destin, FL
Destin, FL
Destin, FL
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Rusty's Pest Control • 105 Beach Drive, Unit A-1• Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547 • FWB: 850-864-BUGS (2847) • Crestview: 850-683-5313

DESTIN RESIDENTS: Call Rusty about what he can do to keep the pests away from your Destin home. Also, if you run a business
in Destin or a Destin restaurant, give Rusty a call to make sure your customers have a bug-free experience!