Fire ants, the most dreaded of all ant species, originated in Brazil, and their territory is ever spreading.

While most ants are merely a nuisance (albeit often a very problematic one), fire ants actually pose a health risk. Their habit of stinging multiple times and swarming perceived threats can lead to hospitalization, especially if the victim has an allergic reaction.

Other varieties of ants damage lawns and home interiors and forage for food, often making holes in food containers and taking over.


Rusty's Pest Control knows how disturbing it is to have ants in your home. Fire ants in particular have to be eliminated, because of the threat they pose. Treatments are designed to make entry points unwelcome to ants, both on the exterior and interior of your home. Elimination of colonies that have nested in areas that grant convenient access to the home begins the protection of your home from ants of all kinds.

Sometimes you feel like your home is a huge picnic basket. That's when you need to call Rusty's Pest Control and discuss treatment options specific to your ant extermination needs.



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