Bed bugs feed exclusively on blood, but they can remain alive and hidden for 1-2 months without feeding.

While they do not appear to to transmit disease, bites from bed bugs are very itchy, come in rows and clusters and sometimes cause a rash.

Since bedbugs are nocturnal and tiny (full-grown bedbugs reach about 1/4 inch in length), they are difficult to witness.

Bed bug infestations are not caused by unsanitary conditions, but through packages, clothes from travel and other forms of hitchhiking.


When bed bugs are suspected, the first step taken is a bedbug detection system. It is crucial to ensure that the cause of the multiple bites [shown in the photo below] is, in fact, bedbugs. Detection devices are placed not only in the bed, but numerous other locations bed bugs hide — under furniture, behind baseboards, in closets, behind curtains, etc.

Of all the pests that homeowners may decide to eliminate on their own, bed bugs should be one of the last. Due to their small size, bed bugs can hide in the tiniest of cracks and crevices. A lone female remaining after an extermination may reinfest the area in a short time.

Rusty's Pest Control will take an aggressive, systematic approach to the problem. Rusty will use a combination of direct kill pesticides along with perimeter control treatments that will serve to eliminate lingering bedbugs. Of course, treatments used follow strict safety guidelines, so you need not fear ill effects to you or your loved ones as the bed bugs are exterminated.

Given the elusive nature of bed bugs, and their ability to fit in almost any crack or crevice, even in the grain of furniture wood, follow-up treatments may be necessary. Be assured that Rusty will not rest until you are bed bug free — and can rest yourself!


Bed bugs are a particular nuisance if you run a hotel, motel, apartment complex, nursing home, hospital, rehab center or any other facility that includes lodging.

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