While cockroaches are often associated with unsanitary conditions, in reality they easily adapt to an environment as long as food, water and harborage (the nooks and crannies they creep into) are available.

While dirty and/or cluttered spaces exacerbate the problem, cockroaches take residence in the tidiest of homes and offices.They can survive on very little food and even use their own feces for sustenance.

Cockroaches multiply quickly, and their adaptability and unusual hardiness make them very difficult for the homeowner to eliminate.



Roaches are fast-moving, armored and easily adaptable. Use of home sprays are effective (shoes not so much) for the occasions one makes a run for it, but others will remain, and their populations can grow, if they are not dealt with professionally. German cockroaches (the little brown ones) in particular multiply rapidly and create an infestation in a short time. The larger American cockroach (aka palmetto bug) is more intimidating, but not as plentiful. However, all varieties should be eliminated, ideally before an infestation can occur.

Rusty's pest control uses roach control systems with both indoor and outdoor applications. Indoor uses exterminate the roaches that are hiding in their harborages within your home. A combination of baiting systems and insecticide treatments may be used, and Rusty will look at your individual situation to determine the best solution.

Exterior treatments make your home less inviting to cockroaches, who may see your living area as a great source of warmth, food and moisture.

Rusty will also identify steps you may want to take to prevent entry by cockroaches, by recognizing and pointing out situations that attract them.


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