Fleas are prime causes of dermatitis in pets, resulting in fur loss. They also carry and transmit tapeworms to pets.

Because they feed on rats, fleas are carriers for the dreaded Bubonic plague and endemic typhus. While uncommon, disease is a risk from fleas, as well as allergic reactions. Maddening itching, of course, is the most common danger from fleas.

While adult fleas will linger on the pet, the eggs and larvae fall into carpet. When those young fleas mature, the end result is an infestation.


The first step in the action plan to eliminate fleas is in your hands. There are a number of approaches to take that can greatly reduce the number of fleas feeding on your pets. You may want to ask your veterinarian for advice.

As for the infestation, Rusty's Pest Control will follow up by using a combination of indoor and outdoor treatments to make sure that not only the mature fleas are exterminated, but also the eggs and nymphs.

While tiny, fleas cause some big problems. Therefore, you want to make sure that you are not reintroducing fleas into your home after the infestation has been eliminated. Make sure pets are kept as flea-free as possible, and be on alert for possible sources of fleas.


Note: It is important to try NOT to scratch flea bites. Use a steroid cream like Cortaid or Benadryl cream or an anti-itch agent like Calamide lotion.

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