The two primary groups of venomous spiders in Florida are widows and recluses, most popularly the southern black widow and the brown recluse.

The bite of a widow spider can be (though, fortunately, rarely are) lethal. In any event, a widow spider bite is typically followed by such symptoms as intense pain, rigid abdominal muscles, muscle cramping, malaise, local sweating, nausea, vomiting, and hypertension.

The brown recluse is most notorious for its bite's ability to cause necrosis in tissues, making it particularly feared.


It's well-known that the small, common house spider and the daddy longlegs aren't bite risks and are beneficial due to their preying on other pests. But other spiders do bite, and even when spiders do not pack a dangerous venom like that found in the black widow or brown recluse, a bite from a lesser spider can cause pain, inflammation and itching. Even more importantly, a spider bite brings with it the risk of an allergic reaction or introduction of bacteria that can cause infections and other complications.

If your home has become a haven for unwelcome spiders, Rusty's Pest Control will take action. In addition to treating the interior of your home, Rusty will make sure that the common hiding places for venomous spiders on the exterior are properly prepared as well. Widows have a terrible habit of hiding out in poorly lit spaces, like areas beneath a deck or porch or in crawl spaces. They also turn up in small, dark areas where you might be prone to reach unsuspectingly. The goal is to make those areas safe for you and your family.


If you have been bitten by a widow spider or recluse, seek medical attention right away. Also, if a bite from any spider results in anything more than normal pain and itching, you should get the advice of a medical professional.

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